Carolinas District Food Drive


Last year, the Carolinas District Board of Trustees adopted a food drive as the district's 100th Anniversary Service Project.  The project went so well, that the Carolinas District Board decided to adopt it as the District Project for the 2015-16 year as well.

We will definitely make a difference in the lives of the children and families that continue the day to day challenge of having enough to eat. 


$39,544 and 6,528 pounds have been reported by these clubs.

If you have participated, report your donations below!




All Carolinas District Kiwanis Clubs are invited to participate. This is a great project for our Service Leadership Programs to help on as well.  Why not work together and accept the challenge? 



A food drive throughout North and South Carolina by clubs giving to their local foodbanks. 
Work with your local food bank/food pantry to provide funding or food to acquire truckloads of food. Promote the event!!!! 

This year our campaign strongly encourages clubs to donate money to their local Food Bank or local food pantry. The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina’s purchase power goes along way to purchase food. $1 dollar

= 5 meals or $ 10 dollars worth of food.



Choose your own campaign timeframe.  We are focusing on April - August 2016.



A Food Drive/Fundraiser at your local club for your local food bank



15.8 million American children lived in homes with food insecurities in 2012.   
(One in four children in North Carolina)










62% of teachers regularly see their students come to school hungry. Hunger has been linked to lack of focus and poor test performance in K-12 students.  

Food banks are by far the single most important source of food for emergency food providers, accounting for 84% of the food distributed by pantries, 59% of the food distributed by kitchens, and 40% of the food distributed by shelters.

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Find your local food bank here:



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